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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Some Back to School (the movie) Trivia

Image result for back to school movieSchool is starting up again for many, and it reminded us of one of our favorite movies, Back to School. Here's some fun trivia:

If you aren't familiar, the movie, it stars Rodney Dangerfield as Thornton Melon, a fun-loving and obnoxious rich businessman who decides to enter college in order to help his discouraged son get through school.

Most of the outdoors scenes at the college were shot on location at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which Dangerfield had once applied to. He said, "It took forty years, but I finally got here!" No respect!

One of the last shots in the opening montage is of Rodney Dangerfield golfing. This was taken directly from his first film, Caddyshack.

In one scene, Thornton hands in a paper about the novels of Kurt Vonnegut. His spiteful professor, recognizing that it's not Thornton's own work, says that "Whoever did write this doesn't know the first thing about Kurt Vonnegut." The person Thornton hired was Kurt Vonnegut himself, who has a cameo in the movie.

It was the sixth highest grossing film of 1986, and the second highest grossing comedy of that year (Crocodile Dundee was the first).

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Honoring a Legend

Honoring a Legend

In honor of the recent passing of a legendary movie star, here are a few fun facts about him and his career that you may or may not have known. See if you can guess who we're honoring with this quiz.

This movie star had a promising football career at Florida State until a serious knee injury and subsequent car accident ended it.

From 1973 to 1984 he held the top spot on an annual poll of the "Top 10 Money Makers" in movies.

He turned down the roles of James Bond and Han Solo, and the roles of Edward Lewis in Pretty Woman and John McClane in Die Hard.

Another role he turned down and regretted deeply was a lead in Terms of Endearment, which was specifically written for him. According to Esquire, he said, "Taking that role would have been a way to get all the things I wanted." The role went to Jack Nicholson, and the movie took home several Oscars, including one for Nicholson.

His career was rejuvenated in an Oscar-nominated performance in Boogie Nights, in a role he turned down seven times.

Who is this legendary actor?

Thursday, September 13, 2018

It's Football Season!

It's Football Season!

With football season underway, today's trivia question is about a movie based on a true story that revolves around the inspirational perseverance one aspiring player. If you haven't already guessed it, see if you can guess this movie based on our hints:

This movie was Vince Vaughan's first (credited) movie debut.

It was made by the same screenwriter and director that made Hoosiers.

The game scenes in the movie look very real because NFL films shot them the way they shoot real games, from the sidelines.

It was set at Notre Dame.

What movie are we talking about? Let's chant it all together!

Click here for the answer and some other fun facts.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Nutty Movie Trivia

Nutty Movie Trivia

In what film did Tim Burton have 40 squirrels trained to crack nuts rather than use CGI?

Click here for the answer!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Some Die Hard Trivia we bet you don't know

Who was offered the starring role in Die Hard before Bruce Willis, and why?

This trivia question is a bit involved, but we hope you'll find it as interesting as we did:

Let's start this trivia question with dispelling the rumor that Die Hard was originated from a script for Commando 2. In an interview with Bristol Bad Film Club, Steven de Souza, who wrote the initial draft of Commando 2 (which was never made), said that he has no idea where that rumor came from and that it is completely false.

Die Hard is based on a novel titled "Nothing Lasts Forever" by Roderick Thorp in which Joe Leland is trapped in a Claxxon Oil Corporation skyscraper after it's taken by German terrorists, and must rescue his daughter and grandchildren. Twenty years later the novel was filmed with some changes: Claxxon became the Nakatomi Corporation, Joe Leland's name was changed to John McClane, and his wife was the hostage. The film was released under the title Die Hard (1988). 

Thorp's prequel to that novel was made into a movie called "The Detective" in 1968, and because of a clause in the lead actor's contract which gave him the right to reprise his role in a sequel, he was actually the first person offered the McClane role, even though he was seventy-three-years-old at the time.

Who was this role first offered to? Click here for the answer!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Famous Siblings

There are many famous siblings that most of us can name easily - Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ben and Casey Affleck, John and Joan Cusack, Owen and Luke Wilson, Dakota and Elle Fanning, the Baldwin brothers, the Wahlbergs, etc. Here are a few you might not know:

Can you name Warren Beatty's famous sister?

Can you name three of the Arquette siblings? Huge respect if you can name all five!
Hint: Toto wrote a song for one of them! (Did you know that?)
Bonus if you can name the character their comedian grandfather played!

Julia and Eric Roberts are another easy pair of siblings for the list, but can you name Eric's actress daughter?

Good luck!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Before They Became Famous

Before They Became Famous

Do you  remember Cuba Gooding, Jr.'s break dancing celebration in the end zone in the movie Jerry Maguire? Did you know that before this Academy Award winning actor became famous, he was part of a break dancing crew in the early 80s called the Majestic Visual Break Dancers that performed during the 1984 Summer Olympic Games behind Lionel Richie??

Neither did we!