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Thursday, March 16, 2017


Going to the theater has been a past time for over 100 years... but boy have things changed in all that time! Here are a few fun facts about 'going to the movies' that you may not have known....

1. About 106 years ago the first "Nickelodeon" opened in Pittsburgh. While today's average ticket is close to $8.50, then it was just 5 cents. Maybe that’s why they started selling snacks!

2. Nearly 30% of movie theater revenue is from concession stands with an expense of only 4%. That's how you turn golden flavor into gold.

3. Between 2-20 screens makes you a multiplex and over 20 screens makes you a megaplex. 25 screens and 9,200 seats are in the largest cinema complex in the world you just have to travel to Madrid, Spain.

4. 349 drive-ins are still going today, a major decline from their golden age when there were nearly 5,000.

5. 2.5 minutes is the average trailer length.

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